Which Swimwear Suits You Best

Which Swimwear Suits You Best

Summer is coming which means summer shopping is on its way. However, we know that women may feel a little shy when buying a swimsuit, because not all swimwear fits everyone the same.

Taking all women into account, we wanted to make this post with all our tips to find the perfect swimsuit for you and your figure, since no two bodies are alike. All women have something to highlight in their body during summer and that is why we have taken the task to help you get the best of you, without exception! 

The first thing to be clear is to know what part of your body makes you feel 100% confident so that you can make it shine.

This is our advice:

- If you want to HIGHLIGHT your shoulders and collarbone you should buy strapless swimwear.


- For those who prefer to HIGHLIGHT their chest they should use triangle top, to make them look better.

- If you feel really COMFORTABLE with your abs you should buy bikini sets or trikinis, since all the attention is on that part of your body.

- If you want to HIGHLIGHT your behind you can buy thong swimwear or high-waist.

- For HIGHLIGHTING your legs try using one-piece swimwear, in some way they will make your legs look longer.

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